Commit 6f9efcbd authored by thomie's avatar thomie

Delete duplicate "Note [Unpack equality predicates]"

The other one is MkId.hs.
parent 3d5f8e74
......@@ -698,17 +698,6 @@ mkDataCon name declared_infix
eqSpecPreds :: [(TyVar,Type)] -> ThetaType
eqSpecPreds spec = [ mkEqPred (mkTyVarTy tv) ty | (tv,ty) <- spec ]
Note [Unpack equality predicates]
If we have a GADT with a contructor C :: (a~[b]) => b -> T a
we definitely want that equality predicate *unboxed* so that it
takes no space at all. This is easily done: just give it
an UNPACK pragma. The rest of the unpack/repack code does the
heavy lifting. This one line makes every GADT take a word less
space for each equality predicate, so it's pretty important!
-- | The 'Name' of the 'DataCon', giving it a unique, rooted identification
dataConName :: DataCon -> Name
dataConName = dcName
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