Commit 70201451 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Accept changed output (resulting from fix to #5410)

parent ea991e69
[InstanceD [] (AppT (ConT GHC.Base.Monad) (AppT (ConT GHC.Tuple.(,)) (VarT a_0))) [ValD (VarP return_1) (NormalB (VarE GHC.Err.undefined)) [],ValD (VarP >>=_2) (NormalB (VarE GHC.Err.undefined)) []]]
[InstanceD [] (AppT (ConT GHC.Base.Monad) (AppT (ConT GHC.Tuple.(,)) (VarT a_0))) [ValD (VarP GHC.Base.return) (NormalB (VarE GHC.Err.undefined)) [],ValD (VarP GHC.Base.>>=) (NormalB (VarE GHC.Err.undefined)) []]]
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