Commit 704422eb authored by mnislaih's avatar mnislaih
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Removed unnecessary code

The breakpointJump functions never show up in the code that the typechecker sees, as they are inserted by the desugarer later.
parent cd2c71bb
......@@ -160,28 +160,8 @@ initTcPrintErrors env mod todo = do
addBreakpointBindings :: TcM a -> TcM a
addBreakpointBindings thing_inside
#if defined(GHCI)
= do { unique <- newUnique
; let { var = mkInternalName unique (mkOccName tvName "a") noSrcLoc;
tyvar = mkTyVar var liftedTypeKind;
basicType extra = (FunTy intTy
(FunTy (mkListTy unitTy)
(FunTy stringTy
(ForAllTy tyvar
(FunTy (TyVarTy tyvar)
(TyVarTy tyvar)))))));
= Id.mkGlobalId VanillaGlobal breakpointJumpName
(basicType id) vanillaIdInfo;
= Id.mkGlobalId VanillaGlobal breakpointCondJumpName
(basicType (FunTy boolTy)) vanillaIdInfo
; tcExtendIdEnv [breakpointJumpId, breakpointCondJumpId] thing_inside}
= thing_inside
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