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Arrange that -fth is no longer implied by -fglasgow-exts

Messages involving Template Haskell are deeply puzzling
if you don't know about TH, so it seems better to make
-fth an explicit flag.  It is no longer switched on
by -fglasgow-exts.
parent 3d33e8fd
......@@ -1007,7 +1007,6 @@ fFlags = [
glasgowExtsFlags = [
Opt_BangPatterns ]
......@@ -628,7 +628,7 @@
<entry>Enable Template Haskell.
Implied by <option>-fglasgow-exts</option>.</entry>
No longer implied by <option>-fglasgow-exts</option>.</entry>
......@@ -244,7 +244,8 @@ documentation</ulink> describes all the libraries that come with GHC.
<para>Enables Template Haskell (see <xref
linkend="template-haskell"/>). Currently also implied by
linkend="template-haskell"/>). This flag must
be given explicitly; it is no longer implied by
<para>Syntax stolen: <literal>[|</literal>,
......@@ -4086,9 +4087,8 @@ Tim Sheard is going to expand it.)
constructions. You need to use the flag
</indexterm>to switch these syntactic extensions on
(<option>-fth</option> is currently implied by
<option>-fglasgow-exts</option>, but you are encouraged to
specify it explicitly).</para>
(<option>-fth</option> is no longer implied by
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