Commit 7109d1e6 authored by mnislaih's avatar mnislaih
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Update test dynbk001 due to new functionality in :break add

parent d7515c61
:set -fglasgow-exts
:l ../Test
:break add 1
-- Illegal, no module loaded under debugging mode
:set -fdebugging
:l ../QSort
......@@ -12,9 +17,6 @@
:break del QSort 1 1
-- Illegal: no breakpoint at (1,1) in Main
:break add 1
-- Illegal syntax
:break add NonModule 1
-- Illegal: I don't know this module
*** Exception: Module main:Test.Test2 was not loaded under debugging mode.
Enable debugging mode with -fdebugging (and reload your module)
Not a valid breakpoint #. Use :breakpoint list to see the current breakpoints.
*** Exception: No suitable breakpoint site found
*** Exception: No suitable breakpoint site found
Breakpoint set at main:QSort:5:15
Could not find module `NonModule':
Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.
Could not find module `Test':
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