Commit 716385c9 authored by Ryan Scott's avatar Ryan Scott Committed by Marge Bot

Make DataKinds the sole arbiter of kind-level literals (and friends)

Previously, the use of kind-level literals, promoted tuples,
and promoted lists required enabling both `DataKinds` and
`PolyKinds`. This made sense back in a `TypeInType` world, but not so
much now that `TypeInType`'s role has been superseded. Nowadays,
`PolyKinds` only controls kind polymorphism, so let's make `DataKinds`
the thing that controls the other aspects of `TypeInType`, which include
literals, promoted tuples and promoted lists.

There are some other things that overzealously required `PolyKinds`,
which this patch fixes as well:

* Previously, using constraints in kinds (e.g., `data T :: () -> Type`)
  required `PolyKinds`, despite the fact that this is orthogonal to kind
  polymorphism. This now requires `DataKinds` instead.
* Previously, using kind annotations in kinds
  (e.g., `data T :: (Type :: Type) -> Type`) required both `KindSignatures`
  and `PolyKinds`. This doesn't make much sense, so it only requires
  `KindSignatures` now.

Fixes #18831.
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