Commit 716d83b0 authored by's avatar

Fix result001

parent 0821caba
......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ test('dynbrk007', normal, ghci_script, ['dynbrk007.script'])
test('dynbrk008', normal, ghci_script, ['dynbrk008.script'])
test('dynbrk009', normal, ghci_script, ['dynbrk009.script'])
test('result001', expect_broken(1531), ghci_script, ['result001.script'])
test('result001', normal, ghci_script, ['result001.script'])
test('listCommand001', combined_output, ghci_script, ['listCommand001.script'])
test('listCommand002', normal, ghci_script, ['listCommand002.script'])
Breakpoint 0 activated at result001.hs:1:13-21
Stopped at result001.hs:1:13-21
_result :: [b] = _
xs :: [b] = _
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