Commit 725e6ee4 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Tweak the typeable fingerprinting

Put spaces inbetween the values, so e.g.
will hash differently.
parent 8f57a40b
......@@ -1195,10 +1195,8 @@ gen_Typeable_binds loc tycon
HsString modl_fs,
HsString name_fs])
Fingerprint high low =
fingerprintString (unpackFS pkg_fs ++
unpackFS modl_fs ++
unpackFS name_fs)
hashThis = unwords $ map unpackFS [pkg_fs, modl_fs, name_fs]
Fingerprint high low = fingerprintString hashThis
| wORD_SIZE == 4 = HsWord64Prim . fromIntegral
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