Commit 72a2b6d8 authored by tibbe's avatar tibbe

Add 'sync-all status' as an alias for 'sync-all whatsnew' (to match git syntax)

parent e893450f
......@@ -290,7 +290,7 @@ sub scmall {
# Work out the arguments we should give to the SCM
if ($command =~ /^(?:w|wh|wha|what|whats|whatsn|whatsne|whatsnew)$/) {
if ($command =~ /^(?:w|wh|wha|what|whats|whatsn|whatsne|whatsnew|status)$/) {
@scm_args = (($scm eq "darcs" and "whatsnew")
or ($scm eq "git" and "status"));
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