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[project @ 2001-08-22 10:36:07 by simonmar]

Add a simple fptools project, so we don't have to wire in things like
the location of GHC_INPLACE, and so we can use Makefiles in the
various test subdirectories to simplify running the test driver.
parent 2dd00f31
include $(TOP)/mk/
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Examples of use:
# make -- run all the tests in the current directory
# make verbose -- as make test, but up the verbosity
# make accept -- run the tests, accepting the current output
# The following variables may be set on the make command line:
# TESTS -- specific tests to run
# EXTRA_HC_OPTS -- extra flags to send to the Haskell compiler
# EXTRA_RUNTEST_OPTS -- extra flags to give the test driver
# CONFIG -- use a different configuration file
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
RUNTESTS = $(TOP)/driver/runtests
RUNTEST_OPTS = --config=$(CONFIG) tool=$(GHC_INPLACE) extra_hc_flags="$(EXTRA_HC_OPTS)" $(EXTRA_RUNTEST_OPTS)
CONFIG = $(TOP)/config/msrc/cam-02-unx.T
all :: test
$(RUNTESTS) $(RUNTEST_OPTS) accept= verbose= $(TESTS)
include $(FPTOOLS_TOP)/mk/
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