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Trivial fix to clear Trac #1386

parent 60a049fa
......@@ -280,7 +280,7 @@ rnHsForeignDecl (ForeignImport name ty spec)
rnHsForeignDecl (ForeignExport name ty spec)
= lookupLocatedOccRn name `thenM` \ name' ->
rnHsTypeFVs (fo_decl_msg name) ty `thenM` \ (ty', fvs) ->
returnM (ForeignExport name' ty' spec, fvs )
returnM (ForeignExport name' ty' spec, fvs `addOneFV` unLoc name')
-- NB: a foreign export is an *occurrence site* for name, so
-- we add it to the free-variable list. It might, for example,
-- be imported from another module
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