Commit 73a7383e authored by Richard Eisenberg's avatar Richard Eisenberg Committed by Marge Bot

Simplify treatment of heterogeneous equality

Previously, if we had a [W] (a :: k1) ~ (rhs :: k2), we would
spit out a [D] k1 ~ k2 and part the W as irreducible, hoping for
a unification. But we needn't do this. Instead, we now spit out
a [W] co :: k2 ~ k1 and then use co to cast the rhs of the original
Wanted. This means that we retain the connection between the
spat-out constraint and the original.

The problem with this new approach is that we cannot use the
casted equality for substitution; it's too like wanteds-rewriting-
wanteds. So, we forbid CTyEqCans that mention coercion holes.

All the details are in Note [Equalities with incompatible kinds]
in TcCanonical.

There are a few knock-on effects, documented where they occur.

While debugging an error in this patch, Simon and I ran into
infelicities in how patterns and matches are printed; we made
small improvements.

This patch includes mitigations for #17828, which causes spurious
pattern-match warnings. When #17828 is fixed, these lines should
be removed.
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