Commit 74a6a8a9 authored by David Feuer's avatar David Feuer Committed by Austin Seipp

Change a comment referring falsely to seq

Summary: Instead, describe what it actually does.

Reviewers: austin, ekmett, simonpj, hvr

Reviewed By: austin, ekmett

Subscribers: simonpj, thomie, carter

Projects: #ghc

Differential Revision:
parent ce2cc64f
......@@ -1029,7 +1029,10 @@ flip f x y = f y x
($) :: (a -> b) -> a -> b
f $ x = f x
-- | Strict (call-by-value) application, defined in terms of 'seq'.
-- | Strict (call-by-value) application operator. It takes a function and an
-- argument, evaluates the argument to weak head normal form (WHNF), then calls
-- the function with that value.
($!) :: (a -> b) -> a -> b
f $! x = let !vx = x in f vx -- see #2273
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