Commit 74fb5c40 authored by pcapriotti's avatar pcapriotti
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Fix typo in warning message

parent 949081a9
......@@ -396,7 +396,7 @@ dsRule (L loc (HsRule name act vars lhs _tv_lhs rhs _fv_rhs))
; when inline_shadows_rule $
warnDs (vcat [ hang (ptext (sLit "Rule") <+> doubleQuotes (ftext name)
<+> ptext (sLit "may never fire"))
2 (ptext (sLit "becuase") <+> quotes (ppr fn_id)
2 (ptext (sLit "because") <+> quotes (ppr fn_id)
<+> ptext (sLit "might inline first"))
, ptext (sLit "Probable fix: add an INLINE[n] or NOINLINE[n] pragma on")
<+> quotes (ppr fn_id) ])
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