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Make installation of documentation in binary dists work properly.
Also install documentation by default for make install.
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The short story (if you are installing GHC from a binary dist):
- Decide where you want to install it.
- Do ./configure --prefix=where-i-want-to-install-it
- Do make install
That installs everything - the compiler, interactive system,
libraries, and documentation. At the end of 'make install' you will
be informed of what you need to add to your PATH, and also the
location of the documentation.
Linux users: GHCi-5.00 needs Newer Linuxes (SuSE
7.1, possibly RH 7.X, possibly Mandrake 8.X) only come with If you need and only have the .4
version, you might be able to get things working by making a symbolic
link from to We tried this on a
SuSE 7.1 box and it seemed to work.
If something doesn't work as it should, please contact us at
JRS, 10 April 2001.
The Long Story
This is the INSTALL instructions for a binary distribution of one of
the fptools projects. For more details on what on earth this package
is up to, please consult the README and ANNOUNCE.
......@@ -49,3 +79,5 @@ Bug reports/suggestions for improvement to the installation procedure/setup
gratefully received at
......@@ -190,9 +190,19 @@ install-dirs ::
(cd lib/$(platform); find . -type d -exec sh -c '../../$(INSTALL_DIR) $$0 $(libdir)/$$0' {} \; )
(cd share; find . -type d -exec sh -c '../$(INSTALL_DIR) $(datadir)/$$0' {} \; )
install :: config-pkgs install-dirs install-bin install-libs install-datas postinstall
install :: config-pkgs install-dirs install-bin install-libs install-datas install-docs postinstall denounce
.PHONY: install-bin install-libs install-datas postinstall
.PHONY: install-bin install-libs install-datas postinstall denounce
@echo Installation of ghc-5.00 was successful.
@echo To use, add $(bindir) to your PATH.
@echo Docs:
@echo " GHC User Guide is $(htmldir)/set/book-users-guide.html"
@echo " Libraries Guide is $(htmldir)/set/book-hslibs.html"
@echo " .ps form of both is in $(htmldir)/set/"
if test -x "./post-install-script" ; then \
......@@ -239,31 +249,15 @@ show-install-setup:
@echo "datadir = $(datadir) (datadir = $(datadir))"
# Documentation targets, install-docs for the whole lot, or
# install-{dvi,html,info}
# Documentation targets: install-docs.
.PHONY: show-install-setup install-docs install-html install-info install-dirs-dvi install-dirs-html install-dirs-info
install-docs : install-html install-dvi install-info
install-dvi: install-dirs-dvi
$(INSTALL_DATA) dvi/* $(dvidir)
.PHONY: show-install-setup install-docs install-dirs-docs
install-info: install-dirs-info
$(INSTALL_DATA) info/* $(infodir)
install-html: install-dirs-html
install-docs : install-dirs-docs
$(CP) -r html/* $(htmldir)
$(CHMOD) -R $(LIB_PERMS) $(htmldir)
# $(INSTALL_DATA) html/* $(htmldir)
$(CP) ps/ $(htmldir)/set/
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(htmldir)
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(infodir)
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(dvidir)
......@@ -139,6 +139,6 @@ AC_OUTPUT(Makefile)
echo "****************************************************"
echo "Configuration done, ready to either 'make install'"
echo "or 'make in-place', followed by 'make install-docs'."
echo "or 'make in-place'."
echo "(see README and INSTALL files for more info.)"
echo "****************************************************"
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