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Add docs for :main

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......@@ -612,6 +612,34 @@ Prelude IO>
qualified</literal> declaration for every module in every
package, and every module currently loaded into GHCi.</para>
<title>The <literal>:main</literal> command</title>
When a program is compiled and executed, it can use the
<literal>getArgs</literal> function to access the
command-line arguments.
However, we cannot simply pass the arguments to the
<literal>main</literal> function while we are testing in ghci,
as the <literal>main</literal> function doesn't take its
Instead, we can use the <literal>:main</literal> command.
This runs whatever <literal>main</literal> is in scope, with
any arguments being treated the same as command-line arguments,
Prelude> let main = System.Environment.getArgs >>= print
Prelude> :main foo bar
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