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parser: Suggest ImportQualifiedPost in prepositive import warning

As suggested in #18545.
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......@@ -2612,6 +2612,7 @@ warnPrepositiveQualifiedModule span =
<+> text "in prepositive position"
$$ text "Suggested fix: place " <+> quotes (text "qualified")
<+> text "after the module name instead."
$$ text "To allow this, enable language extension 'ImportQualifiedPost'"
failOpNotEnabledImportQualifiedPost :: SrcSpan -> P ()
failOpNotEnabledImportQualifiedPost loc = addError loc msg
mod184.hs:6:8: warning: [-Wprepositive-qualified-module]
Found ‘qualified’ in prepositive position
Suggested fix: place ‘qualified’ after the module name instead.
To allow this, enable language extension 'ImportQualifiedPost'
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