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Remove old .travis.yml

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# The following enables container-based travis instances
sudo: false
submodules: false
# TODO. Install llvm once llvm's APT repository is working again.
# See
- hvr-ghc
#- llvm-toolchain-precise-3.7
- ubuntu-toolchain-r-test
- cabal-install-2.2
- ghc-8.4.3
- alex-3.1.7
- happy-1.19.5
- python3
#- llvm-3.7
- export PATH=/opt/ghc/8.4.3/bin:/opt/cabal/2.2/bin:/opt/alex/3.1.7/bin:/opt/happy/1.19.5/bin:/usr/lib/llvm-3.7/bin:$PATH
# Be explicit about which protocol to use, such that we don't have to repeat the rewrite command for each.
- git config remote.origin.url git://${TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG}.git
- git config --global url."git://${TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG%/*}/packages-".insteadOf "git://${TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG%/*}/packages/"
- git submodule --quiet init # Be quiet about these urls, as we may override them later.
# Check if submodule repositories exist.
- git config --get-regexp submodule.*.url | while read entry url; do git ls-remote "$url" dummyref 2>/dev/null && echo "$entry = $url" || git config --unset-all "$entry" ; done
# Use for those submodule repositories we couldn't connect to.
- git config remote.origin.url git://
- git config --global url."git://".insteadOf git://
- git submodule init # Don't be quiet, we want to show these urls.
- git submodule --quiet update --recursive # Now we can be quiet again.
# do not build docs
- echo 'HADDOCK_DOCS = NO' >> mk/
- echo 'BUILD_SPHINX_HTML = NO' >> mk/
- echo 'BUILD_SPHINX_PDF = NO' >> mk/
# do not build dynamic libraries
- echo 'DYNAMIC_GHC_PROGRAMS = NO' >> mk/
- echo 'GhcLibWays = v' >> mk/
- if [ "$DEBUG_STAGE2" = "YES" ]; then echo 'GhcStage2HcOpts += -DDEBUG' >> mk/; fi
# * Use --quiet, otherwise the build log might exceed the limit of 4
# megabytes, causing Travis to kill our job.
# * But use VERBOSE=2 (the default, but not when using --quiet) otherwise
# the testsuite might not print output for over 10 minutes (more likely so
# when DEBUG_STAGE2=NO), causing Travis to again kill our job.
# * Use --fast, to stay within the time limits set by Travis.
# See Note [validate and testsuite speed] in toplevel Makefile.
# Actually, do not run test suite. Takes too long.
- THREADS=3 SKIP_PERF_TESTS=YES VERBOSE=2 ./validate --fast --quiet --build-only
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