Commit 78878b77 authored by Andrey Mokhov's avatar Andrey Mokhov
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Fix package registration

parent 72bf4b18
module Rules.Register (registerPackage) where
import Hadrian.Utilities
import Base
import Context
import Expression
......@@ -16,7 +18,7 @@ registerPackage rs context@Context {..} = when (stage <= Stage1) $ do
let confIn = pkgInplaceConfig context
dir = inplacePackageDbDirectory stage
dir -/- pkgNameString package ++ "*.conf" %> \conf -> do
matchVersionedFilePath (dir -/- pkgNameString package) "conf" ?> \conf -> do
need [confIn]
buildWithResources rs $
target context (GhcPkg Update stage) [confIn] [conf]
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