Commit 78ba30ff authored by's avatar

Add missing (error) case in pprConDecl

parent d04e338c
......@@ -727,6 +727,11 @@ pprConDecl (ConDecl con expl tvs cxt (PrefixCon arg_tys) (ResTyGADT res_ty) _)
pprConDecl (ConDecl con expl tvs cxt (RecCon fields) (ResTyGADT res_ty) _)
= sep [pprHsForAll expl tvs cxt, ppr con <+> ppr_fields fields <+> dcolon <+> ppr res_ty]
pprConDecl (ConDecl con expl tvs cxt (InfixCon _ _) (ResTyGADT res_ty) _)
= pprPanic "pprConDecl" (ppr con)
-- In GADT syntax we don't allow infix constructors
ppr_fields :: OutputableBndr name => [ConDeclField name] -> SDoc
ppr_fields fields = braces (sep (punctuate comma (map ppr_fld fields)))
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