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Slightly more helpful panic message in DynFlags

parent 53b0e839
......@@ -578,7 +578,7 @@ defaultDynFlags =
ghcUsagePath = panic "defaultDynFlags: No ghciUsagePath",
ghciUsagePath = panic "defaultDynFlags: No ghciUsagePath",
topDir = panic "defaultDynFlags: No topDir",
systemPackageConfig = panic "defaultDynFlags: No systemPackageConfig",
systemPackageConfig = panic "no systemPackageConfig: call GHC.setSessionDynFlags",
pgm_L = panic "defaultDynFlags: No pgm_L",
pgm_P = panic "defaultDynFlags: No pgm_P",
pgm_F = panic "defaultDynFlags: No pgm_F",
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