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Add a TEST="..." line to testsuite output

This gives hte list of tests with unexpected results, so that you can
easily run them again.
parent 164f705f
......@@ -2211,6 +2211,7 @@ def findTFiles_(path):
def summary(t, file):
printUnexpectedTests(file, [t.unexpected_passes, t.unexpected_failures])
file.write('OVERALL SUMMARY for test run started at ' \
+ t.start_time + '\n'\
+ string.rjust(`t.total_tests`, 8) \
......@@ -2247,6 +2248,18 @@ def summary(t, file):
if stopping():
file.write('WARNING: Testsuite run was terminated early\n')
def printUnexpectedTests(file, testInfoss):
unexpected = []
for testInfos in testInfoss:
directories = testInfos.keys()
for directory in directories:
tests = testInfos[directory].keys()
unexpected += tests
if unexpected != []:
file.write('Unexpected results from:\n')
file.write('TEST="' + ' '.join(unexpected) + '"\n')
def printPassingTestInfosSummary(file, testInfos):
directories = testInfos.keys()
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