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SPARC NCG: Add a SPARC version of rts_mkInt64 that handles misaligned closure payloads.

parent 87b5b19f
......@@ -74,6 +74,31 @@ rts_mkInt32 (Capability *cap, HsInt32 i)
return p;
#ifdef sparc_HOST_ARCH
/* The closures returned by allocateLocal are only guaranteed to be 32 bit
aligned, because that's the size of pointers. SPARC v9 can't do
misaligned loads/stores, so we have to write the 64bit word in chunks */
rts_mkInt64 (Capability *cap, HsInt64 i_)
StgInt64 i = (StgInt64)i_;
StgInt32 *tmp;
StgClosure *p = (StgClosure *)allocateLocal(cap,CONSTR_sizeW(0,2));
SET_HDR(p, I64zh_con_info, CCS_SYSTEM);
tmp = (StgInt32*)&(p->payload[0]);
tmp[0] = (StgInt32)((StgInt64)i >> 32);
tmp[1] = (StgInt32)i; /* truncate high 32 bits */
return p;
rts_mkInt64 (Capability *cap, HsInt64 i)
......@@ -85,6 +110,9 @@ rts_mkInt64 (Capability *cap, HsInt64 i)
return p;
#endif /* sparc_HOST_ARCH */
rts_mkWord (Capability *cap, HsWord i)
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