Commit 7b0ae417 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Remove a debug trace

I added this when debugging something else, but in general it doesn't
work (with -ddump-tc-trace) because of typecking recursive groups of
TyCons.  So removing it again.
parent e43f05b6
......@@ -1544,7 +1544,6 @@ kindGeneralizeType :: Type -> TcM Type
kindGeneralizeType ty
= do { kvs <- kindGeneralize ty
; ty <- zonkSigType (mkInvForAllTys kvs ty)
; traceTc "kindGen" (ppr (mkInvForAllTys kvs ty) $$ ppr ty)
; return ty }
kindGeneralize :: TcType -> TcM [KindVar]
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