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[project @ 2002-09-26 09:01:34 by simonpj]

Notes on .exe files
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......@@ -574,6 +574,16 @@ ghc ––make Main.hs
counterintuitive: <command>ghc -C -o foo.o foo.hs</command>
will put the intermediate C code in the file
<filename>foo.o</filename>, name notwithstanding!</para>
<para>Note: on Windows, if the result is an executable file, the
extension "<filename>.exe</filename>" is added if the specified filename
does not already have an extension. Thus
ghc -o foo Main.hs
will compile and link the module <filename>Main.hs</filename>, and put the
resulting executable in <filename>foo.exe</filename> (not <filename>foo</filename>).
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