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[project @ 2005-10-17 09:42:56 by simonmar]

note about watching for/preventing overwrites of critical files in the
bootstrap process.
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......@@ -3819,7 +3819,17 @@ GhcBootLibs = YES</programlisting>
<para>Touch the generated configuration files, just to make
sure they don't get replaced during the build:</para>
<screen>$ touch <filename><replaceable>H</replaceable></filename>/ghc/includes/{ghcautoconf.h,DerivedConstants.h.GHCConstants.h.mkDerivedConstants.c,mkDerivedConstantsHdr,mkDerivedConstants.o,mkGHCConstants,mkGHCConstants.o}</screen>
<screen>$ touch <filename><replaceable>H</replaceable></filename>/ghc/includes/{ghcautoconf.h,DerivedConstants.h,GHCConstants.h,mkDerivedConstants.c,mkDerivedConstantsHdr,mkDerivedConstants.o,mkGHCConstants,mkGHCConstants.o}</screen>
<para>Note: it has been reported that these files still get
overwritten during the next stage. We have installed a fix
for this in GHC 6.4.2, but if you are building a version
before that you need to watch out for these files getting
overwritte by the <literal>Makefile</literal> in
<literal>ghc/includes</literal>. If your system supports
it, you might be able to prevent it by making them
<screen>$ chflags uchg ghc/includes/{ghcautoconf.h,DerivedConstants.h,GHCConstants.h}</screen>
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