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Drop --setup, add --skip-configure.

See #234. [skip ci]
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......@@ -32,8 +32,6 @@ system to be in the `hadrian` directory of the GHC source tree:
git clone --recursive git://
cd ghc
git clone git://
./configure # On Windows run ./configure --enable-tarballs-autodownload
* Build GHC using `hadrian/` or `hadrian/build.bat` (on Windows) instead
......@@ -45,7 +43,7 @@ see [instructions for building GHC on Windows using Stack][windows-build].
Using the build system
Once your first build is successful, simply run `build` to rebuild. Most build artefacts
are placed into `.build` and `inplace` directories ([#113][build-artefacts-issue]).
are placed into `_build` and `inplace` directories ([#113][build-artefacts-issue]).
#### Command line flags
......@@ -58,13 +56,17 @@ profiling, which speeds up builds by 3-4x).
* `--progress-info=STYLE`: choose how build progress info is printed. There are four
settings: `none`, `brief` (one line per build command), `normal` (typically a box per
build command; this is the default setting), and `unicorn` (when `normal` just won't do).
* `--setup[=CONFIGURE_ARGS]`: setup the build system by running the `configure` script
with `CONFIGURE_ARGS` arguments; also run the `boot` script to create the `configure`
script if necessary. On Windows, download the required tarballs by executing
`mk/` with appropriate parameters. You do not have to
use this functionality of the new build system; feel free to run `boot` and `configure`
scripts manually, as you do when using `make`. Beware: `--setup` uses network I/O
which may sometimes be undesirable.
* `--skip-configure`: use this flag to suppress the default behaviour of Hadrian that
runs the `boot` and `configure` scripts automatically if need be, so that you don't have
to remember to run them manually. With `--skip-configure` you will need to manually run:
./configure # On Windows run ./configure --enable-tarballs-autodownload
as you normally do when using `make`. Beware, by default Hadrian may do network I/O on
Windows to download necessary tarballs, which may sometimes be undesirable; `--skip-configure`
is your friend in such cases.
* `--split-objects`: generate split objects, which are switched off by default. Due to
a GHC [bug][ghc-split-objs-bug], you need a full clean rebuild when using this flag.
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