Commit 7cc184af authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

fix retainer profiling: add missing case for TSO

parent 470d52df
......@@ -1684,6 +1684,23 @@ inner_loop:
((StgStack *)c)->stack + ((StgStack *)c)->stack_size);
goto loop;
case TSO:
StgTSO *tso = (StgTSO *)c;
retainClosure(tso->stackobj, c, c_child_r);
retainClosure(tso->blocked_exceptions, c, c_child_r);
retainClosure(tso->bq, c, c_child_r);
retainClosure(tso->trec, c, c_child_r);
if ( tso->why_blocked == BlockedOnMVar
|| tso->why_blocked == BlockedOnBlackHole
|| tso->why_blocked == BlockedOnMsgThrowTo
) {
retainClosure(tso->block_info.closure, c, c_child_r);
goto loop;
case PAP:
StgPAP *pap = (StgPAP *)c;
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