Commit 7cd5106f authored by dmp's avatar dmp Committed by Ian Lynagh

Add optllvm as allowed way in testsuite

The hooks for the optllvm way were there in the ghc config
file, but there was no entry in config.other_ways so that a
`make WAY=optllvm` would fail with an "unknown way" error

This patch simply adds optllvm to the other_ways list.
parent cdbb35cb
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ config.other_ways = ['extcore','optextcore',
'threaded1_ls', 'threaded2_hT',
'llvm', 'debugllvm']
'llvm', 'debugllvm', 'optllvm']
if (ghc_with_native_codegen == 1):
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