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[project @ 1999-08-24 08:59:14 by simonpj]

Record all orphan modules (including "library" ones)
in the usage info in an interface file.  Leaving these out
prevents propagation of orphan module information.
parent ac049528
......@@ -658,7 +658,7 @@ For (1) it is slightly harmful to record @B.f@ in @A@'s usages,
because a change in @B.f@'s version will provoke full recompilation of @A@,
producing an identical @A.o@,
and @A.hi@ differing only in its usage-version of @B.f@
(which isn't used by any importer).
(and this usage-version info isn't used by any importer).
For (2), because of the tricky @B.h@ question above,
we ensure that @A.hi@ is touched
......@@ -691,19 +691,30 @@ getImportVersions this_mod exports
-- mv_map2 adds the version numbers of things exported individually
mv_map2 = foldr add_mv mv_map1 imp_names
-- Build the result list by adding info for each module,
-- *omitting* (a) library modules
-- (b) source-imported modules
-- Build the result list by adding info for each module.
-- For (a) library modules
-- (b) source-imported modules
-- we do something special. We don't want to record detailed usage information.
-- Indeed we don't want to record them at all unless they contain orphans,
-- which we must never lose track of.
mk_version_info mod_name (version, has_orphans, cts) so_far
| omit cts = so_far -- Don't record usage info for this module
| otherwise = (mod_name, version, has_orphans, whats_imported) : so_far
| lib_or_source_imported && not has_orphans
= so_far -- Don't record any usage info for this module
| lib_or_source_imported -- Has orphans; record the module but not
-- detailed version information for the imports
= (mod_name, version, has_orphans, Specifically []) : so_far
| otherwise
= (mod_name, version, has_orphans, whats_imported) : so_far
whats_imported = case lookupFM mv_map2 mod_name of
Just wi -> wi
Nothing -> Specifically []
omit (Just (mod, boot_import, _)) = isLibModule mod || boot_import
omit Nothing = False
lib_or_source_imported = case cts of
Just (mod, boot_import, _) -> isLibModule mod || boot_import
Nothing -> False
returnRn (foldFM mk_version_info [] mod_map)
......@@ -294,7 +294,9 @@ type RdrNamePragma = () -- Fudge for now
data Ifaces = Ifaces {
iImpModInfo :: ImportedModuleInfo,
-- Modules this one depends on: that is, the union
-- of the modules its direct imports depend on.
-- of the modules its *direct* imports depend on.
-- NB: The direct imports have .hi files that enumerate *all* the
-- dependencies (direct or not) of the imported module.
iDecls :: DeclsMap, -- A single, global map of Names to decls
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