Commit 7dd0ea74 authored by Herbert Valerio Riedel's avatar Herbert Valerio Riedel 🕺

Update binary submodule to release

Quoting the changelog, this pulls in the following fixes:


- Fix performance bug that was noticable when you get a big strict ByteString
  and the input to the decoder consists of many small chunks.
- Fix memory leak when decoding Double and Float.
    - Commit 497a181c083fa9faf7fa3aa64d1d8deb9ac76ecb
- We now require QuickCheck >= 2.8. Remove our version of arbitrarySizedNatural.


- Some invalid UTF-8 strings caused an exception when decoded. Those errors will
  now now fail in the Get monad instead. See issue 70.
  Patch contributed by @ttuegel.
parent e00910b0
Subproject commit ff9a48fb213c2d1fd2e58b19c92264a3efadff7a
Subproject commit 86e4c9a6125cdddb0592a653f48c699a574ccf7b
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