Commit 7dd96d1d authored by David Himmelstrup's avatar David Himmelstrup
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Fix Trac #1402: typo in specialiser

This patch fixes a plain bug in the specialiser (rhs_bndrs instead
of rhs_ids) which made GHC crash in obscure cases.  

It exposed a case in which we might not do all possible specialisation;
see Note [Specialisation shape].  It's not an important case, but I've
added a warning in DEBUG mode.

Trac #1402.  Test is spec003.hs
parent bec55bc5
......@@ -783,8 +783,8 @@ specDefn :: Subst -- Subst to use for RHS
specDefn subst calls (fn, rhs)
-- The first case is the interesting one
| rhs_tyvars `lengthIs` n_tyvars -- Rhs of fn's defn has right number of big lambdas
&& rhs_bndrs `lengthAtLeast` n_dicts -- and enough dict args
| rhs_tyvars `lengthIs` n_tyvars -- Rhs of fn's defn has right number of big lambdas
&& rhs_ids `lengthAtLeast` n_dicts -- and enough dict args
&& notNull calls_for_me -- And there are some calls to specialise
-- && not (certainlyWillInline (idUnfolding fn)) -- And it's not small
......@@ -806,7 +806,9 @@ specDefn subst calls (fn, rhs)
rhs_uds `plusUDs` plusUDList spec_uds)
| otherwise -- No calls or RHS doesn't fit our preconceptions
= specExpr subst rhs `thenSM` \ (rhs', rhs_uds) ->
= WARN( notNull calls_for_me, ptext SLIT("Missed specialisation opportunity for") <+> ppr fn )
-- Note [Specialisation shape]
specExpr subst rhs `thenSM` \ (rhs', rhs_uds) ->
returnSM ((fn, rhs'), [], rhs_uds)
......@@ -898,10 +900,42 @@ specDefn subst calls (fn, rhs)
my_zipEqual doc xs ys
| not (equalLength xs ys) = pprPanic "my_zipEqual" (ppr xs $$ ppr ys $$ (ppr fn <+> ppr call_ts) $$ ppr rhs)
#ifdef DEBUG
| not (equalLength xs ys) = pprPanic "my_zipEqual" (vcat
[ ppr xs, ppr ys
, ppr fn <+> ppr call_ts
, ppr (idType fn), ppr theta
, ppr n_dicts, ppr rhs_dicts
, ppr rhs])
| otherwise = zipEqual doc xs ys
Note [Specialisation shape]
We only specialise a function if it has visible top-level lambdas
corresponding to its overloading. E.g. if
f :: forall a. Eq a => ....
then its body must look like
f = /\a. \d. ...
Reason: when specialising the body for a call (f ty dexp), we want to
substitute dexp for d, and pick up specialised calls in the body of f.
This doesn't always work. One example I came across was htis:
newtype Gen a = MkGen{ unGen :: Int -> a }
choose :: Eq a => a -> Gen a
choose n = MkGen (\r -> n)
oneof = choose (1::Int)
It's a silly exapmle, but we get
choose = /\a. g `cast` co
where choose doesn't have any dict arguments. Thus far I have not
tried to fix this (wait till there's a real example).
Note [Inline specialisations]
We transfer to the specialised function any INLINE stuff from the
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