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Better documentation for AnyK

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......@@ -650,7 +650,7 @@ The type constructor Any of kind forall k. k -> k has these properties:
the code generator, because the code gen may *enter* a data value
but never enters a function value.
* It is used to instantiate otherwise un-constrained type variables of kind *
* It is used to instantiate otherwise un-constrained type variables
For example length Any []
See Note [Strangely-kinded void TyCons]
......@@ -665,7 +665,7 @@ Any, but at the kind level. For example:
type instance Length [] = Zero
Length is kind-polymorphic, and when applied to the empty (promoted) list it
will be supplied the kind AnyL: Length AnyK [].
will have the kind Length AnyK [].
Note [Strangely-kinded void TyCons]
......@@ -1849,7 +1849,7 @@ pseudoop "lazy"
Like {\tt seq}, the argument of {\tt lazy} can have an unboxed type. }
primtype Any a
primtype Any k
{ The type constructor {\tt Any} is type to which you can unsafely coerce any
lifted type, and back.
......@@ -1872,16 +1872,25 @@ primtype Any a
application is required, but there is no constraint on the
choice. In this situation GHC uses {\tt Any}:
{\tt length Any ([] Any)}
{\tt length (Any *) ([] (Any *))}
Annoyingly, we sometimes need {\tt Any}s of other kinds, such as {\tt (* -> *)} etc.
This is a bit like tuples. We define a couple of useful ones here,
and make others up on the fly. If any of these others end up being exported
into interface files, we'll get a crash; at least until we add interface-file
syntax to support them. }
Note that {\tt Any} is kind polymorphic, and takes a kind {\tt k} as its
first argument. The kind of {\tt Any} is thus {\tt forall k. k -> k}.}
primtype AnyK
{ JPM Todo }
{ The kind {\tt AnyK} is the kind level counterpart to {\tt Any}. In a
kind polymorphic setting, a similar example to the length of the empty
list can be given at the type level:
{\tt type family Length (l :: [k]) :: Nat}
{\tt type instance Length [] = Zero}
When {\tt Length} is applied to the empty (promoted) list it will have
the kind {\tt Length AnyK []}.
{\tt AnyK} is currently not exported and cannot be used directly, but
you might see it in debug output from the compiler.
pseudoop "unsafeCoerce#"
a -> b
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