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Darwin/i386 NCG: fix assembly syntax in symbol stubs

In i386 position-independent symbol stubs, the NCG used to print
	jmp %edx
instead of
	jmp *%edx

Apple's assembler used to silently accept this, but has recently started to print warnings about it.

parent 2bed4583
......@@ -442,7 +442,7 @@ pprImportedSymbol importedLbl
ptext SLIT("1:"),
ptext SLIT("\tmovl L") <> pprCLabel_asm lbl
<> ptext SLIT("$lazy_ptr-1b(%eax),%edx"),
ptext SLIT("\tjmp %edx"),
ptext SLIT("\tjmp *%edx"),
ptext SLIT("L") <> pprCLabel_asm lbl
<> ptext SLIT("$stub_binder:"),
ptext SLIT("\tlea L") <> pprCLabel_asm lbl
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