Commit 7f24ae51 authored by David Himmelstrup's avatar David Himmelstrup

Don't generate stub files when -fno-code is given.

parent 206710ba
......@@ -61,11 +61,7 @@ codeOutput :: DynFlags
-> IO (Bool{-stub_h_exists-}, Bool{-stub_c_exists-})
codeOutput dflags this_mod location foreign_stubs pkg_deps flat_abstractC
| HscNothing <- hscTarget dflags
-- We aren't interested in any code when HscNothing is our target.
= return (False, False)
| otherwise
-- You can have C (c_output) or assembly-language (ncg_output),
-- but not both. [Allowing for both gives a space leak on
-- flat_abstractC. WDP 94/10]
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