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[project @ 2000-05-09 13:15:37 by simonpj]

Get package names right.  Again.
parent 35cd30bf
......@@ -149,15 +149,33 @@ mkImportedGlobalName mod_name occ
new_cache = addToFM cache key name
updateProvenances :: [Name] -> RnM d ()
-- Update the provenances of everything that is in scope.
-- We must be careful not to disturb the Module package info
-- already in the cache. Why not? Consider
-- module A module M( f )
-- import M( f ) import N( f)
-- import N
-- So f is defined in N, and M re-exports it.
-- When processing module A:
-- 1. We read M.hi first, and make a vanilla name N.f
-- (without reading N.hi). The package info says <THIS>
-- for lack of anything better.
-- 2. Now we read N, which update the cache to record
-- the correct package for N.f.
-- 3. Finally we update provenances (once we've read all imports).
-- Step 3 must not destroy package info recorded in Step 2.
updateProvenances names
= getNameSupplyRn `thenRn` \ (us, inst_ns, cache, ipcache) ->
setNameSupplyRn (us, inst_ns, update cache names, ipcache)
setNameSupplyRn (us, inst_ns, foldr update cache names, ipcache)
update cache [] = cache
update cache (name:names) = WARN( not (key `elemFM` cache), ppr name )
update (addToFM cache key name) names
key = (moduleName (nameModule name), nameOccName name)
update name cache = addToFM_C update_prov cache key name
key = (moduleName (nameModule name), nameOccName name)
update_prov name_in_cache name_with_prov
= setNameProvenance name_in_cache (getNameProvenance name_with_prov)
mkImportedGlobalFromRdrName :: RdrName -> RnM d Name
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