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[project @ 1999-12-06 10:50:29 by simonpj]

Change printDump so that it prints in user style by default.
This means that (eg) -ddump-simpl output is much more readable...
but you may get confused by variables that look the same but aren't.

To recover the previous behaviour use -dppr-debug

This change only affects compiler hackers; let me know if it
has any good or bad effects.

parent f4d5a3ff
......@@ -160,9 +160,13 @@ printErrs doc = printDoc PageMode stderr (final_doc user_style)
user_style = mkUserStyle (PartWay opt_PprUserLength)
printDump :: SDoc -> IO ()
printDump doc = printDoc PageMode stderr (final_doc PprDebug)
printDump doc = printDoc PageMode stderr (final_doc user_style)
final_doc = doc $$ text ""
user_style = mkUserStyle (PartWay opt_PprUserLength)
-- We used to always print in debug style, but I want
-- to try the effect of a more user-ish style (unless you
-- say -dppr-debug
-- printForC, printForAsm doe what they sound like
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