Commit 822b7a9d authored by David Himmelstrup's avatar David Himmelstrup
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Remove some unused bindings frm RnNames.

parent ae3ba7ec
......@@ -8,8 +8,7 @@ module RnNames (
rnImports, mkRdrEnvAndImports, importsFromLocalDecls,
rnExports, mkExportNameSet,
getLocalDeclBinders, extendRdrEnvRn,
reportUnusedNames, reportDeprecations,
reportUnusedNames, reportDeprecations
) where
#include "HsVersions.h"
......@@ -215,12 +214,8 @@ importsFromImportDeclDirect this_mod
warnIf (want_boot && not (mi_boot iface))
(warnRedundantSourceImport imp_mod_name)
let deprecs = mi_deprecs iface
is_orph = mi_orphan iface
deps = mi_deps iface
filtered_exports = filter not_this_mod (mi_exports iface)
let filtered_exports = filter not_this_mod (mi_exports iface)
not_this_mod (mod,_) = mod /= this_mod
imp_mod = mi_module iface
-- If the module exports anything defined in this module, just ignore it.
-- Reason: otherwise it looks as if there are two local definition sites
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