Commit 82663959 authored by Stefan Holdermans's avatar Stefan Holdermans Committed by Marge Bot

Add extra tests for GHCi :script syntax checks

The syntax for GHCi's ":script" command allows for only a single file
name to be passed as an argument. This patch adds a test for the cases
in which a file name is missing or multiple file names are passed.

Related to #T18027.
parent a8c27cf6
syntax: :script <filename>
syntax: :script <filename>
......@@ -4,3 +4,4 @@ test('T15055', normalise_version('ghc'), ghci_script, ['T15055.script'])
test('T16013', [], ghci_script, ['T16013.script'])
test('T16287', [], ghci_script, ['T16287.script'])
test('T18052b', [], ghci_script, ['T18052b.script'])
test('T18027a', [], ghci_script, ['T18027a.script'])
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