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Allow -ticky and -prof together

The two used to be incompatible, but they aren't any longer.

In fact, -ticky should not be a 'way' any more, and doing that
is on Simon M's todo list, but this patch takes us a little
step closer.

I'm not sure this is worth merging to the 6.12 branch.
parent 75ea07df
......@@ -336,6 +336,11 @@ allowed_combination way = and [ x `allowedWith` y
_ `allowedWith` WayDyn = True
WayDyn `allowedWith` _ = True
-- ticky is (now) allowed with everything
-- Indeed, ticky should no longer be a 'way' at all
_ `allowedWith` WayTicky = True
WayTicky `allowedWith` _ = True
-- debug is allowed with everything
_ `allowedWith` WayDebug = True
WayDebug `allowedWith` _ = True
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