Commit 834dbd9a authored by's avatar Committed by Ian Lynagh

Exchange noinline/inlanable links to match text

parent d8d4c2a5
......@@ -7960,8 +7960,8 @@ itself, so an INLINE pragma is always ignored.</para>
{-# INLINE returnUs #-}
<para>See also the <literal>NOINLINE</literal> (<xref linkend="inlinable-pragma"/>)
and <literal>INLINABLE</literal> (<xref linkend="noinline-pragma"/>)
<para>See also the <literal>NOINLINE</literal> (<xref linkend="noinline-pragma"/>)
and <literal>INLINABLE</literal> (<xref linkend="inlinable-pragma"/>)
<para>Note: the HBC compiler doesn't like <literal>INLINE</literal> pragmas,
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