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Make libffi install into a predictable directory (#9620)

On some systems (depending on gcc multilib configuration) libffi
would install into libffi/build/inst/lib64 even though we configure
it with --libdir=libffi/build/inst/lib. There appears to be no way
to get libffi to install to a predictable directory "out of the box",
so we apply a small patch to This is the same fix used
in Gentoo's ebuild (
parent bfc71956
......@@ -69,6 +69,13 @@ $(libffi_STAMP_CONFIGURE): $(TOUCH_DEP)
mv libffi/build/ libffi/build/
sed "s/-MD/-MMD/" < libffi/build/ > libffi/build/
# We attempt to specify the installation directory below with --libdir,
# but libffi installs into 'toolexeclibdir' instead, which may differ
# on systems where gcc has multilib support. Force libffi to use libdir.
# (
mv libffi/build/ libffi/build/
sed 's:@toolexeclibdir@:$$(libdir):g' < libffi/build/ > libffi/build/
# Their cmd invocation only works on msys. On cygwin it starts
# a cmd interactive shell. The replacement works in both environments.
mv libffi/build/ libffi/build/
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