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[project @ 2000-01-30 10:11:32 by simonmar]

Add notes about where the IO representation is wired in to various
parts of the source tree, since I'm about to add some more.
parent 3427092e
% -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
% $Id: PrelIOBase.lhs,v 1.16 1999/12/03 16:17:42 simonmar Exp $
% $Id: PrelIOBase.lhs,v 1.17 2000/01/30 10:11:32 simonmar Exp $
% (c) The AQUA Project, Glasgow University, 1994-1998
......@@ -55,6 +55,23 @@ The IO Monad is just an instance of the ST monad, where the state is
the real world. We use the exception mechanism (in PrelException) to
implement IO exceptions.
NOTE: The IO representation is deeply wired in to various parts of the
system. The following list may or may not be exhaustive:
Compiler - types of various primitives in PrimOp.lhs
RTS - forceIO (StgMiscClosures.hc)
- catchzh_fast, (un)?blockAsyncExceptionszh_fast, raisezh_fast
- raiseAsync (Schedule.c)
Prelude - PrelIOBase.lhs, and several other places including
Libraries - parts of hslibs/lang.
#ifndef __HUGS__
newtype IO a = IO (State# RealWorld -> (# State# RealWorld, a #))
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