Commit 84df08de authored by PHO's avatar PHO Committed by

Enable Opt_PIC for the dyn way regardless of OSes.

We were previously enabling Opt_PIC on certain OSes namely Windows,
Darwin and Linux, but it should always be enabled for the dyn way
because it makes no sense to try to generate non-PIC dynamic
libraries, which is usually impossible.
parent ae3dcaf5
......@@ -1055,20 +1055,8 @@ wayDesc WayNDP = "Nested data parallelism"
wayGeneralFlags :: Platform -> Way -> [GeneralFlag]
wayGeneralFlags _ WayThreaded = []
wayGeneralFlags _ WayDebug = []
wayGeneralFlags platform WayDyn =
case platformOS platform of
-- On Windows, code that is to be linked into a dynamic
-- library must be compiled with -fPIC. Labels not in
-- the current package are assumed to be in a DLL
-- different from the current one.
OSMinGW32 -> [Opt_PIC]
OSDarwin -> [Opt_PIC]
OSLinux -> [Opt_PIC] -- This needs to be here for GHCi to work:
-- GHCi links objects into a .so before
-- loading the .so using the system linker.
-- Only PIC objects can be linked into a .so.
_ -> []
wayGeneralFlags _ WayDebug = []
wayGeneralFlags _ WayDyn = [Opt_PIC]
wayGeneralFlags _ WayProf = [Opt_SccProfilingOn]
wayGeneralFlags _ WayEventLog = []
wayGeneralFlags _ WayPar = [Opt_Parallel]
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