Commit 8575d01b authored by's avatar

Fix the names of the libffi archives

Fixes a bug which meant that they weren't getting installed.
parent b30015e7
......@@ -548,7 +548,7 @@ rts/package.conf.inplace : $(includes_H_CONFIG) $(includes_H_PLATFORM)
ifneq "$(UseSystemLibFFI)" "YES"
RTS_INSTALL_LIBS += $(wildcard rts/dist/build/libffi$(soext)*)
RTS_INSTALL_LIBS += $(foreach w,$(filter-out dyn,$(rts_WAYS)),rts/dist/build/libffi$($w_libsuf))
RTS_INSTALL_LIBS += $(foreach w,$(filter-out dyn,$(rts_WAYS)),rts/dist/build/libCffi$($w_libsuf))
RTS_INSTALL_LIBS += rts/dist/build/$(LIBFFI_DLL)
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