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Document {-# CORE #-} pragma (thanks to Hal Daume)
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......@@ -4396,6 +4396,69 @@ program even if fusion doesn't happen. More rules in <filename>PrelList.lhs</fi
<sect2 id="core-pragma">
<title>CORE pragma</title>
<indexterm><primary>CORE pragma</primary></indexterm>
<indexterm><primary>pragma, CORE</primary></indexterm>
<indexterm><primary>core, annotation</primary></indexterm>
The external core format supports <quote>Note</quote> annotations;
the <literal>CORE</literal> pragma gives a way to specify what these
should be in your Haskell source code. Syntactically, core
annotations are attached to expressions and take a Haskell string
literal as an argument. The following function definition shows an
f x = ({-# CORE "foo" #-} show) ({-# CORE "bar" #-} x)
Sematically, this is equivalent to:
g x = show x
However, when external for is generated (via
<option>-fext-core</option>), there will be Notes attached to the
expressions <function>show</function> and <VarName>x</VarName>.
The core function declaration for <function>f</function> is:
f :: %forall a . GHCziShow.ZCTShow a ->
a -> GHCziBase.ZMZN GHCziBase.Char =
\ @ a (zddShow::GHCziShow.ZCTShow a) (eta::a) ->
(%note "hello"
%case zddShow %of (tpl::GHCziShow.ZCTShow a)
(tpl1::GHCziBase.Int ->
a ->
GHCziBase.ZMZN GHCziBase.Char -> GHCziBase.ZMZN GHCziBase.Cha
(tpl2::a -> GHCziBase.ZMZN GHCziBase.Char)
(tpl3::GHCziBase.ZMZN a ->
GHCziBase.ZMZN GHCziBase.Char -> GHCziBase.ZMZN GHCziBase.Cha
r) ->
(%note "foo"
Here, we can see that the function <function>show</function> (which
has been expanded out to a case expression over the Show dictionary)
has a <literal>%note</literal> attached to it, as does the
expression <VarName>eta</VarName> (which used to be called
<sect1 id="generic-classes">
......@@ -1901,6 +1901,10 @@ statements or clauses.
files is <emphasis>different</emphasis> (though similar) to the Core output format generated
for debugging purposes (<xref linkend="options-debugging">).</para>
<para>The Core format natively supports notes which you can add to
your source code using the <literal>CORE</literal> pragma (see <xref
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