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Improve hierarchical module name handling in MkExternalCore

It's easier for the External Core parser if MkExternalCore prints
module names like:
rather than like:
(which it was doing before.)

So now we z-encode the hierarchical module-name part of a module
name, but don't z-encode the ':'.

I also removed some old comments that don't seem relevant anymore.
parent d5a9ee0e
......@@ -190,27 +190,25 @@ make_kind _ = error "MkExternalCore died: make_kind"
{- Id generation. -}
{- Use encoded strings.
Also, adjust casing to work around some badly-chosen internal names. -}
make_id :: Bool -> Name -> C.Id
make_id _is_var nm = (occNameString . nameOccName) nm
{- SIMON thinks this stuff isn't necessary
make_id is_var nm =
case n of
'Z':cs | is_var -> 'z':cs
'z':cs | not is_var -> 'Z':cs
c:cs | isUpper c && is_var -> 'z':'d':n
c:cs | isLower c && (not is_var) -> 'Z':'d':n
_ -> n
where n = (occNameString . nameOccName) nm
make_var_id :: Name -> C.Id
make_var_id = make_id True
-- It's important to encode the module name here, because in External Core,
-- base:GHC.Base => base:GHCziBase
-- We don't do this in pprExternalCore because we
-- *do* want to keep the package name (we don't want baseZCGHCziBase,
-- because that would just be ugly.)
-- SIGH.
make_mid :: Module -> C.Id
make_mid = showSDoc . pprModule
-- Super ugly code, but I can't find anything else that does quite what I
-- want (encodes the hierarchical module name without encoding the colon
-- that separates the package name from it.)
make_mid m = (packageIdString (modulePackageId m)) ++
":" ++
showSDoc (pprCode CStyle (pprModuleName (moduleName m)))
make_qid :: Bool -> Name -> C.Qual C.Id
make_qid is_var n = (mname,make_id is_var n)
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