Commit 88c8801d authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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The bindisttest GHC is now always in the same directory

We therefore don't have to try to work out if we are on Windows or not
in order to find it.
parent dad7ae6e
......@@ -60,11 +60,7 @@ STAGE3_GHC := $(abspath $(TOP)/../inplace/bin/ghc-stage3)
ifneq "$(wildcard $(STAGE1_GHC) $(STAGE1_GHC).exe)" ""
ifeq "$(BINDIST)" "YES"
ifeq '$(shell $(STAGE1_GHC) +RTS --info | grep "^ ..\"Host OS\". \"mingw32\".$$")' ''
TEST_HC := $(abspath $(TOP)/../)/bindisttest/installed/bin/ghc
TEST_HC := $(abspath $(TOP)/../)/bindisttest/install dir/bin/ghc.exe
TEST_HC := $(abspath $(TOP)/../)/bindisttest/install dir/bin/ghc
else ifeq "$(stage)" "1"
else ifeq "$(stage)" "3"
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