Commit 8909f0c8 authored by Joachim Breitner's avatar Joachim Breitner Committed by Simon Marlow

Print stdout diff even if stderr diff alrady fails (#7247)

parent b37dc963
......@@ -1198,9 +1198,11 @@ def simple_run( name, way, prog, args ):
check_prof = my_rts_flags.find("-p") != -1
if not opts.ignore_output:
if not opts.combined_output and not check_stderr_ok(name):
bad_stderr = not opts.combined_output and not check_stderr_ok(name)
bad_stdout = not check_stdout_ok(name)
if bad_stderr:
return failBecause('bad stderr')
if not check_stdout_ok(name):
if bad_stdout:
return failBecause('bad stdout')
# exit_code > 127 probably indicates a crash, so don't try to run hp2ps.
if check_hp and (exit_code <= 127 or exit_code == 251) and not check_hp_ok(name):
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