Commit 8972c19f authored by Zhen Zhang's avatar Zhen Zhang Committed by Andrey Mokhov
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Install rule: copy gmp header (#398)

parent 9105fc6a
......@@ -185,6 +185,9 @@ installPackages = do
installLibPkgs <- topsortPackages (filter isLibrary activePackages)
-- TODO (izgzhen): figure out what is the root cause of the missing ghc-gmp.h error
copyFile (pkgPath integerGmp -/- "gmp/ghc-gmp.h") (pkgPath integerGmp -/- "ghc-gmp.h")
forM_ installLibPkgs $ \pkg -> do
when (isLibrary pkg) $
withLatestBuildStage pkg $ \stage -> do
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